Wyangala Dam wall may be raised by 10 metres from 379 m to 389 m to give greater water security for residents and farmers along the Lachlan River (See article here).

    The existing dam covers 5,435 ha. Raising the dam wall by 10 metres would increase the area of inundation to 7,343 ha (+35%).

    This modeling was done using a 5m Digital Elevation Model (DEM) sourced from the Elevation Information Model (ELVIS) provided by Geoscience Australia (See link here).

    UNOFFICIAL: Analysis and mapping done independently.

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    Use the interactive map to view the modeled maximum extent of Wyangala Dam if the height were raised 10 metres.

    Every effort is made to ensure this map is free of errors but there is no warrant the map or its features are either spatially or temporally accurate or fit for a particular use. This map is provided without any warranty of any kind whatsoever, either express or implied.

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    NOTE: Whilst the dam wall will be raised by 10 metres please be aware that the exact height and new full supply level is to be confirmed as further detailed investigations, technical assessments and site inspections are undertaken. Official inundation mapping reports are due in September 2020 (See article here).