Weddin Mountains Bushfire (2006)

Lightning Lights up the Weddin Mountains (2nd to 16th January, 2006)


Up to 200 firefighters fought a 12 day battle in the Weddin Mountain National Park fire. Lightning strikes started the blaze in the park located 10 km southwest of Grenfell on Monday 2 January 2006. The park is surrounded by farming properties with dry, stubble paddocks following harvest and heavily timbered Bimbi State Forest. The total area burnt by these fires was 6489 ha.

For a detailed account of the bushfire please refer the New South Wales Rural Fire Service Bushfire Bulletin (2006, Vol 21, No. 1).

(Source: NSW RFS)

Satellite Imagery: Before & After

Use the slider to alternate between images of the Weddin Mountains and surrounds from before and after the bushfire.

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